MEAN WELL’s  HEP series (Harsh environment power supply) is ideal to use in 5G network applications with high reliability design and communication interface for AAU (Active Antenna Unit) or 4G RRU (Remote Radio Unit) and Small-Cell system.
Since the band frequency of 5G NR is higher than 4G, its signals are prone to suffer from interference or shielding, especially the high-frequency millimeter wave (mmWave), and the transmission distance will be far shorter than that of the 4G low-frequency band. Therefore, when planning to increase the coverage of 5G high-frequency signals, it is necessary to deploy more base stations, which is why AAU and small-cell base stations have attracted much attention. Because small base stations are normally installed in outdoor environments, it is recommended to choose MEAN WELL HEP series harsh environment power supply to enhance the reliability of the entire base station.
High Reliability
Fanless power solution  
• Noise-free design 
Low maintenance cost
• High efficiency up to 96% 
• Wide range wattage from 100~2300W
6 Years warranty
Harsh Environment
Full-potted design for moisture 
   environment (IP67) 
Anti-Vibration 10G 
• Operating altitude up to 5000 meters 
Wide-ranging working temperature 
~70℃ max.)
Communication Interface
CANbus protocol interface (>1000W)
DC-OK Signal (>1000W)
• Remote ON/OFF control (>600W)
• PV/PC programmable (>1000W)
AC fail and OTP fail signal (2300W)
Model No. Download
PMBus vs.
HEP-100   ----- ----- 220x 68x 38mm
HEP-150   ----- -----  228x 68x 38mm
HEP-185 ----- -----  228x 68x 38mm
HEP-240   ----- -----  244x 68x 38mm
HEP-320   ----- -----  252x 90x 43mm
HEP-480   ----- ----- 262x 125x 43mm 
HEP-600   ----- -----  280x 144x 48mm
HEP-1000   V V  310x 144x 48mm
HEP-2300 V V  375x 280x 88mm
HEP series with 48V/54V output for AAU/RRU/Small-Cell applications
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